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LCS Practice Ltd, trading as Learmond Criqui Sokel, provides top of the range business, employment and executive immigration English legal advice to individuals and to organisations of all sizes whether located near Hampstead Heath, Camden, London, throughout the United Kingdom, Europe or the United States.

We are passionate about the quality of legal advice which we give to our clients, many of whom, both employers and employees, have been successful in achieving their aims following our advice. As employment law specialists we are proactive and innovative in our approach and identify solutions to everyday problems which employers and employees face.

Our years of employment law experience mean that we can guide our clients through the legal thicket and decode much of the legal jargon and timing issues associated with potential claims and actions which employers may wish to take in relation to employees, which can create anxiety and stress around the legal process.

Legal action is not always necessary and timely advice secures confidence in understanding one’s position and in making any decisions which may be necessary to secure that position. Although we are based in London, we provide legal advice on employment matters to clients around the world.

Contact us now on 020 7794 5992 or through our contact form.

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  • "I have worked with Jessica on several matters over the past decade and a half. Jessica is a deep expert in labour and immigration matters. She is extremely thoughtful and innovative in her approach; she is able to resolve complex issues pragmatically. I find my dealings with Jessica to be enjoyable as she is personable and even in highly stressful times she maintains a sense of humour and a balance.

    I believe I can always count on Jessica's good judgment as well as deep integrity. I recommend Jessica extremely highly and without reserve."

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    August 19, 2010

    Soula Proxenos

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