International Employment Lawyers

We advise or co-ordinate advice from lawyers in foreign jurisdictions for multinational and global companies and international employers on international cross border employment issues, setting up business in foreign countries, business immigration, employment income tax and matters affecting employees in foreign businesses generally.

  • Advised a US employee seconded to a UK company on his rights following termination of his employment in the UK.
  • Co-ordinated and advised a multinational recruitment company on streamlining their organisation, making redundancies and terminating employment of employees across 14 Western European countries and on salary cut programmes across 6 European countries.
  • Advised a global company on moving one of its divisions with 1500 staff in the UK to the Czech Republic with attendant streamlining of the organisation, redundancies and terminations.
  • Co-ordinated and advised a multinational company on setting up business in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Cyprus and the UK.
  • Advised a European government agency on the application of French, Belgian and UK employment, social security and income tax laws on its employees and the ability of the employees to remain in the UK system.

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  • "I have worked with Jessica on several matters over the past decade and a half. Jessica is a deep expert in labour and immigration matters. She is extremely thoughtful and innovative in her approach; she is able to resolve complex issues pragmatically. I find my dealings with Jessica to be enjoyable as she is personable and even in highly stressful times she maintains a sense of humour and a balance.

    I believe I can always count on Jessica's good judgment as well as deep integrity. I recommend Jessica extremely highly and without reserve."

    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

    August 19, 2010

    Soula Proxenos

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